Behind the Scene: Beware of ‘Enhanced Images’

Candid Moment: I recently had a photo shoot to update my headshots across multiple luxury real estate sites I recently joined. Without giving it much more thought, I selected my most expensive-looking pieces of clothing, went shopping for a few accessories and scheduled a full hour of make up with a professional makeup artist.

As I was getting ready in the makeup chair, the following questions rushed over me:

  • When will I ever spend 1 hour applying makeup on a normal day? I know: NEVER
  • Why did I even spend $$$ buying accessories that I would wear maybe 2X/ year? It’s Ridiculous!
  • Why do we feel so pressured to present an online image that is almost never going to match our own persona daily? Most days I look like the BEFORE picture…
  • How many people see our posts online and think that our lives as realtors is all glitz and glam? God knows it’s anything but! We have too much work and I joke that I left a 9-5 job to work 24/7. 
  • Who the heck came up with the idea that to be taken seriously, WOMEN have to be all dolled up? Again, ridiculous!

As I thought about those questions, I almost became resentful. Don’t get me wrong, I do love a good glam up moment from times to times. However, the fact that my online image has to be conforming with western ideology of glamour in order for me to grow my luxury real estate portfolio seems very outdated for this day in age.

I don’t have the social and brand equity to change things, however, I can talk about these issues openly and make sure that I correct the perception of people who think successful realtors always present themselves in this glammed up manner. As a matter of fact, the most successful realtors I know — those who live solely off selling and buying real estate don’t have time for the glam. They have too much going on in their life to allocate 2+ hours/day doing hair and make up.

So, as I wrapped up the photoshoot, I pledged to regularly post candid moments online to share my reality with the few people who are interested in my humble story as I build my real estate career.

Cheers, Maia!