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Puttogo Global Group: ExpatEase Program

Our ExpatEase program is part of our efforts to remain creative and offer tailored services to our client-base. ExpatEase helps newcomers from other countries with the transition and provides comprehensive assistance throughout the process beyond the housing requirements.

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ExpatEase ensures expats feel supported and empowered throughout their relocation journey through a personalized approach, comprehensive services, and local expertise. Services include: 

A Dedicated Support System:

ExpatEase recognizes that each expatriate has unique requirements and preferences regarding relocating. They offer personalized support, from pre-arrival assistance to post-relocation services, ensuring a smooth and stress-free transition. Whether finding suitable housing, navigating the local bureaucracy, or understanding the nuances of Atlanta's neighborhoods, ExpatEase is a reliable guide throughout the process.

Housing and Neighborhood Assistance:

Finding suitable accommodation in a new city can be daunting. ExpatEase understands the importance of a comfortable home and assists expats find a place in Atlanta adequate to their lifestyle. The team of Puttogo’s experts provides valuable insights into the city's diverse neighborhoods, taking into consideration factors such as proximity to schools, amenities, lifestyle and commuting options. By understanding expatriates' preferences and budgets.

Puttogo agents shortlist appropriate housing options, arrange property viewings, and negotiate lease or purchase agreements on their behalf, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Administrative Support and Paperwork Assistance:

Dealing with administrative tasks in a foreign country can be complex and time-consuming. ExpatEase simplifies this process by providing comprehensive administrative support after an expat obtains their visas and work permits. Services include help setting up bank accounts and utilities, setting up social security appointments, liaising with government agencies, offering guidance on compliance with local regulations, helping with school registrations, etc. This enables expatriates to focus on settling into their new lives in Atlanta without the burden of bureaucratic challenges. 

Cultural Orientation and Integration:

Adapting to a new culture is crucial for a successful relocation experience. ExpatEase recognizes this and offers cultural orientation programs tailored to expatriates' needs. 

The Puttogo Global Group provides valuable insights into Atlanta's social fabric, cultural practices, and local customs, ensuring expats immediately feel connected to the community. Through networking events and social gatherings, ExpatEase facilitates meaningful interactions with lifestyle-appropriate groups for each client, enabling expatriates to build a supportive network and forge friendships within their new surroundings.

Settling-In Services:

Moving to a new city involves several logistical challenges. ExpatEase helps expatriates navigate these challenges smoothly by providing settling-in services, including assistance with healthcare providers, recommendations for reliable service providers, and guidance on transportation options. 

Additionally, clients who have already secured their housing can get it fully furnished before their arrival through our furniture reception program or leverage our interior design partner to completely furnish their home prior to their arrival. By addressing these practical aspects, ExpatEase ensures expatriates can quickly acclimate to their new environment and focus on their personal and professional goals.

By easing the burdens of paperwork, assisting with housing, offering cultural orientation, and providing settling-in services, ExpatEase allows expatriates to embrace their new life in Atlanta with confidence and enthusiasm. With ExpatEase by their side, expats can focus on making the most of their experience in this vibrant Southern metropolis.

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