Simplifying the Relocation Process for Expatriates Moving to Atlanta

ATLANTA, GA – The Puttogo Global Group – a real estate firm powered by Keller Williams International – is launching its new ExpatEase Program, which offers tailored services to help expats settle comfortably in metro-Atlanta.

The new program will ease the transition for newcomers from other countries and provide comprehensive assistance throughout the process beyond housing requirements. Moving to a new city can be an overwhelming and costly ordeal, especially for expatriates unfamiliar with the local culture, customs, and administrative processes. Atlanta, the vibrant capital of Georgia, is a popular destination for expats due to its thriving economy, diverse community, and rich cultural heritage.

“ We are proud to offer this new service to expatriates settling in the metro-Atlanta area. When I moved from France to Atlanta in 2008, I wished I had someone to guide me through the confusing process of obtaining all the necessary paperwork needed to live comfortably in Atlanta,” Maia Samb, founder of the Puttogo Global Group said. “Our real estate team has been helping clients relocate to Atlanta for the last few years and increasingly helping our clients beyond just acquiring their housing or office spaces.” She added. “Our ExpatEase program fills a need by drawing upon our expertise in real estate and our experience moving across continents to ensure that our clients truly feel at home in Atlanta.”

ExpatEase strives to provide a seamless relocation experience, enabling expatriates to navigate the challenges and embrace the opportunities in their new homes by offering the following services:

  • A Dedicated Support System
  • Housing and Neighborhood Assistance
  • Administrative Support and Paperwork Assistance
  • Essential Services Appointment Setting
  • Cultural Orientation and Integration
  • Custom Move-In Services

Relocating to Atlanta as an expatriate can be an exciting yet daunting experience. ExpatEase understands the complexities of such a move and is a valuable partner in simplifying the process. ExpatEase ensures expats feel supported and empowered throughout their relocation journey through their personalized approach, comprehensive services, and local expertise.

By easing the burdens of paperwork, assisting with housing, offering cultural orientation, and providing settling-in services, ExpatEase allows expatriates to embrace their new life in Atlanta with confidence and enthusiasm.“We are uniquely positioned to understand that it takes more than just a roof over your head to feel at home in a new country and our goal is to be a partner in the successful relocation of our clients from all over the globe.” Samb said. 


The Puttogo Global Group is a women-owned team of Atlanta real estate experts, who understand the importance of diversity and cultural sensitivity in real estate. Puttogo offers full-service, creative solutions for residential and commercial clients globally. Our highly trained agents are committed to delivering concierge-level service from the moment you contact us. We believe that real estate is about building long-term relationships based on trust and personalized service. Our team takes the time to get to know our clients and their unique needs, ensuring a rewarding experience for everyone involved.


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